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Our traditional brush manufacture was established in 1898 in Bechhofen, a small city in Bavaria, Germany

The product range contains a wide range of handmade artist brushes for all painting techniques.

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Principles for the cleaning and maintenance of high-quality brush

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For protection during storage and transportation are all gummed our Kolibri ® brush. We use natural binders "gum arabic".

Before first use, should this binder from new brushes with warm water to be washed out easily. After washing out the brushes are easy to strip and bring it with your fingers or a fine cloth in the original form.

Water-based paints / materials washed with clean water from the brush.

Acrylic paint is as long as it is still wet, also washed out with water. Dried paint can only be solved with special cleaning agents. Especially with brushes made of natural hair color should never be dried scraped dry out.

Clean after use of oil paints the brush well at first with a rag. Then the brush with a natural moisturizing soap and then rinse.

When washing the brush by rubbing more thoroughly so that all the ink residue is removed from the brush body.

Natural hair brush, regardless of the used colors / materials regularly with a natural fatty soap (Order 0100-S) wash. Hair is more elastic and thus the brush body retains its original shape better.

Dry brush after cleaning thoroughly.

Please put the brush while not on a radiator or furnace. Dry the hair too fast and the wooden handles disappear and wiggle the brush heads can.

With our high-quality brushes you have in respect of the above care instructions a "tool" with which you can work undisturbed for a long time.

Kolibri® - Brush manufacture Feurer & Sohn GmbH wishes you success and joy at any time with your work or your hobby..