The fine art of brush making since 1898!

Our traditional brush manufacture was established in 1898 in Bechhofen, a small city in Bavaria, Germany

The product range contains a wide range of handmade artist brushes for all painting techniques.

Feurer & Sohn GmbH
kolibri® / Artists Brushes
91596 Burk / Germany

Concepts and their characteristics

Brush sizes:  - Back to product line

Unfortunately there are no international standards and that’s why it is difficult to compare only the size numbers of the different manufacturers and suppliers. In all our catalogues and offers you find additional to the size numbers the exact dimension of brush like diameter or wide and length of hair.


Ferrules: - Back to product line

Which means the metal sleeve which holds the brush hair body.


Silver ferrules: - Back to product line

Silver ferrules are seamless drawn nickel plated brass. Silver ferrules are used for higher qualities of artist-brushes.


Gold ferrules - Back to product line

Made of brass like Silver ferrules but gold plated.


Aluminium ferrules: - Back to product line

Seamless drawn aluminum tubes, often gold or silver anodized. Mostly used for brushes for school and students.


Nickel ferrules:  - Back to product line

Nickel plated tin ferrules with soldered or unsoldered seam. The unsoldered nickel plated ferrules are used for simple brushes. Dimensional stability of soldered nickel plated ferrules is similar to brass ferrules.


Tin ferrules: - Back to product line

Made of tin plates and mostly unsoldered. For flat and wide brushes the tin ferrules are grooved or soldered.


Handles - Back to product line

We are using exclusive natural wooden handles, made of European beech or birch wood.


Varnished/Lacquered handles: - Back to product line

All our brush handles are minimum 3 times dipped- 1 x ground and two times lacquer. All our varnished/ lacquered handles don’t contain any heavy metals according to the formulation, and therefore comply with EN 71, part III. Furthermore our varnished handles don’t contain any PCB.


Short and long handles: - Back to product line

Long handles means handles with overall length of 264 mm, used for oil- and acrylic brushes. Short handles means handles with overall length of 140mm, 153 mm or 160 mm or 175 mm which we are using for different kind of water color brushes, sign writer, ones-stroke brushes, school-brushes and other kind of brushes. Please give your attention to our descriptions in the catalogues.


Brush body and shape: - Back to product line

We never cut the hair of a good brush! All shapes of our brushes are formed by hand and with the help of brass- bushings. For more details please see the video “making staff”


Cement/glue: - Back to product line

Principle for every brush we are using 2-components adhesives which is resistant against all common solvents


Pressing: - Back to product line

The finished brush head is pressed onto the shaft, more recently, often only glued. To swell and by the disappearance of the wooden handles from resulting frequently shake the heads will prevent our larger brushes in addition to the clamps still glued to the handle.


Gum Arabic: - Back to product line

To protect the shape of fine hair brushes we are using Gum Arabic. Gum Arabic is a natural product and is used also in food and pharmacy industry. Please wash out with lukewarm water the gum Arabic solution before first using. Additional the brush heads of most round and pointed brushes are protected with clear plastic tubes.


Bulge sheet metal: - Back to product line

Versions of tin plate for bigger, seamed or soldered. Despite the careful processing can also brush after too long, the sources bulge sheet metal burst widths and thus fall out of the brush body. For all higher-quality brush, we use stainless steel versions.


Rubber Arabicum - Back to product line

Is a natural product and is the sap of the acacia-Seyal Vereker or obtained from. It will include food industry as thickener, emulsifier or stabilizer used.


Hair protection : - Back to product line

Particularly pointed paintbrush will work with us in addition to topping a hair protection from highly transparent plastic tube.